WoW Leveling Guide – Fast Zones and The Fastest Routes

What if you could get to level 90 in record time, and catch up the speed of your guild mates and other players in less than a week, using a wow leveling guide that uses the best technology and the experience of almost ten years of trial and error through thousands of leveling zones to uncover the best path possible to level 90…

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Lets face it, wow is an elitist game, the faster you get your level cap and your best gear the better, a wow leveling guide is the most powerful tool and the best best hidden card for the top wow players who can level a character in less than 5 days and charge for leveling services up to 300usd!, you don’t have pay for leveling services when you pai to enjoy and awesome game.

The good news are that you can get the edge and compete in the most trilling battlegrounds and enjoy the best adventures running the latest raids and dungeons in company of your guild mates as fast as you can say World of Warcraft.

The best quality addons at you reach to give you the fastest leveling path and assist you in any aspect of the game, Dugi guides takes you to the next level in a matter of minutes and you don’t have to ask yourself where to go or what i do now. avoid getting lost in the vast reaches of azeroth.

Don’t take my word, i am just a weird fan of the addon that help me take some of my 5 characters to level 90 and see yourself why.

Why this is the best wow leveling guide..

I tested almost any wow leveling guide, and if i have to talk about one which really boost your leveling time it’ll be be Dugi guides, a set of tools that it’s a must for any heavy World of Warcraft player.

Even though i must say, you don’t need to get a wow leveling guide, unless you are really sure you want to get the most of your time and get to level 90 as many characters as you want, quickly as possible, also you don’t need to take advantage of all the bonuses in one simple solution if you can get several tools to replace all of that.

 Dugi’s wow leveling guide main features.


  • The fastest path possible to level 90
  • Covers every single quest for each of the zones and races
  • Totally complaint with the blizzard policies
  • Easy 60 Second Installation.
  • Automatic level and quest detection
  • Optimized for heirlooms and pvp leveling
  • Transportation suggestions

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Now you have to overpower 90 levels in the least amount of time possible and start having fun joining your friends in the latest raids and the mop dungeons, enjoy now the incredible and huge amount of content that wow mists of pandaria has for you in just 3 days:)

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