A Basic Leveling Guide

The best way to fast leveling in world of warcraft are the quests and you should know that it is one of the best ways to get experience, money and get your gear. For that i create this helpful guide for those who would like to know more about quests and leveling into the game.

The good thing about the quests is that you can know the storyline and some secrets; here is some personal advice to enjoy more  while getting levels,  find the right place to level for your own level  and try to avoid low level quests which give you low experience and make the process longer than you want.

There is a system to move through levels easily, the exclamation and question marks tells you what kind of quests you are dealing with, the common yellow exclamation mark means an available quest, when you find it in gray means that you most have higher lever to get it, also a red exclamation mark is a kill creature quest, the blue are repeatable quests and the green ones are for the flight master, talk to them when you find it.

Getting quests

For the most you right click on the character or item, read and accept. Look for this characters or objects some time you can get quests just by enter a new zone, keep an eye on your minimap as you go trough new areas.

You can find wanted posters in certain cities offering rewards for beating the local villains. Also there you can find items in the open or camps with characters that give out quests.

Quests types

  • Daily

The blue exclamation mark indicates this kind of quests and you can make them several times.

  • Class

This are specific to a class often those lead to learning skills or to get gear.

  • Seasonal

This are events for some specific season in the year, check the calendar for information about events.

  • Group

Often this type of quest is to kill some big mob so it is recommended to get a number of partners to complete it.

  • Dungeon

Those have to be completed into an instanced dungeon and completed in group, yo’ll need to have at least level 15 to achieve this quests.

  • Raid

You don’t have to worry for this until you reach much higher level and should be completed with raid groups which are multiple groups joined together.

Other types of quests

You also can find

* Breadcrumb quests

Requires speaking with characters in another areas or to leave items to them this are also for you to explore new areas.

* Collection quests

The general idea is to collect items by killing mobs or just to find them into an area, often you know because those are shining.

* Kill quests

As the name said to complete this you have to defeat a specific number of enemies.

* Escort quests

You’ll have to lead a character to safe after release them from mobs this can be found in areas while you complete other quests.

* Quest chain

One quest followed by other to complete a series of them going through the storyline in a long chain of tasks to get good loot and enjoy you way.

On your quest log you can see the level of difficulty indicated by colors from gray to red an goes this way:

Gray: Very easy quest, but less XP for you.

Green: Easy to complete solo.

Yellow: Normal, you can do it alone.

Orange: Hard, you better get a group to help you.

Red: Very hard. Get help or prepare to die very often.

You want to develop some criteria to not follow any quest because some of them just take you time but do not worth the rewards.  can be a good idea to get some good wow quest guide to help you to know what of them makes you level very fast.