wow tycoon addonWhat is tycoon addon, is it safe to use and what it can do for you?

These and other  questions are going to be answered here for you within this tycoon addon review.

What’s it like when you get that new piece of gear you were looking for, or you finally get that fancy mount that you were craving anytime you see it?

How does it feel when you see that fancy item in the auction house for such ridiculous prices?

What if I were to tell you that it can be 10 times easier to get anything, just by using one simple piece of addon.

The name is Tycoon addon and by now is well known for being the only one addon that can help you develop a lot of gold making strategies with ease and boost your gold gain by 100% or more.

Not only this world of Warcraft gold addon has several functions but it’s also really easy to use, once you learned the basics you can learn a lot from detailed data, that is extracted from your server and use it to create clever strategies to get gold as fast as you can.

The power of tycoon gold addon is not only to be able to give you valuable data about your server economy and the main trends, but it also offers detailed information about every item in the game and its locations in the map, for every single expansion and every zone in the game. (Including warlords of Draenor)

Tycoon addon give you access to all and even the most hidden spots and nodes in the map where you can find items for mining, herbalism or skinning really easy, making the farming process in world of warcraft 100% faster.

See for yourself the power of tycoon addon


tycoon addon interface

Does Tycoon Addon Work?

Simple answer, yes it does, is very effective and it only takes a few minutes to figure out how to create your first strategy and start making gold fast, only by scratching the surface and using the basic options, you can choose one item or create a list of items to go and farming those right away to sell them to the vendor quickly.

Or you can see from the items that are on demand in the auction house and post them there for profit. This way you will be making your gold 10 times faster than using any other addon or without tycoon gold addon.


How does tycoon addon work?

First, all you have to do is scan the auction house, (it’s recommended, even though you can just go right away and start farming any material).

It enhances the effectiveness of your farming time by giving you a detailed route for every single material available, avoiding you to waste time on looking to wowhead or other source to get the best locations to farm anything.

The info in tycoon addon, is displayed in the form of tables, divided into 4 tabs.

Auctions, Farming, Gathering and Crafting. There, you’ll find items and it shows you which perform the best in the auction house to help you make the farming time really worth it, you can get detailed information about:

Routes, trends for each item in the AH (buying and selling), item prices, competition, the estimated gold you can get per hour and more. Then you can simply go, find the best location in the maps and start farming fast.


Tycoon addon for Gathering professions

For some professions even gathering raw materials can be a huge source of gold. Raw materials are always needed and you can be the one who provide them right when someone is asking for them in the auction house, undercutting your competitors prices and place your auctions in the right time are some of the choices that tycoon addon can help you make easily. The higher the level of your profession the better, because you can work with items rarely posted in the auction house, therefore you can get better deals for those items.

Crafting make it easy

The idea of crafting to make gold is more complex than you usually think, But tycoon gold addon recognize your character actual level and chosen professions and helps you to track your profession level by showing what materials are needed to create an item, you can make lists for those mats and get them exactly where the maps show they are. Better than that, it tells you what items worth to craft for higher profit and you can also buy those materials when you notice that those are lower than the average price to craft even faster. All of this based on the data that wow gold addon process overtime.


 Auction house and gold making

The functionality of the auction house tab is to display valuable data about the server in which you play, that data is shared by other modules and that way you can organize your gold making strategy. There is a down side for tycoon gold addon, you have to scan data from your server often, the more the better, more or less once a day for the first week of use. It will grab that data and analyze it in a way that you will know what are the real trends of your server, how prices, the competition and buying patterns works so that it automatically tells you how much gold per hour can a material or item make for you.

 4 tabs to master the 4 core gold making strategies.

The addon integrates 4 tabs or modules, all of them use the server data to show you the prices, trends, current competition and estimated gold that you can get per hour based on the previous server activity that you can track.


  1. Own the Auction House with the Auctions Tab

Wow tycoon gold addon shows you the items that perform the best in the auction house and track the server behavior, you scan the auction house (preferably in a daily basis for better results) and then Tycoon tells you what items are high on demand and those that are underpriced or over the average price. That way you can make better decisions if it’s a good time to buy or sell your goods, getting a clear grasp on how the people behave in any given day of the week, buying and trading stuff, you will know more about the server and your auction house, than the average player. the next modules power up the capabilities of the auction house tab, providing the tools to farming, gathering and crafting all the items you need to master the auction house and also the trading channels every day of the week.


  1. Know where and when to gather with the gathering tab.

This slick world of warcraft addon, saves time for you by guessing what gathering routes can make you more gold per hour pointing straight to the source of any item you want to collect with a complete system of maps that shows the location for every place and farming spot in world of warcraft. Depending on your chosen professions and the level in which you are, it automatically shows the items you can gather, then you need to assess what strategy can make more gold for you, choose an item and click go for it to display in the map all the exact gathering routes for you to pile the most amount of stacks in the in the shortest time possible.


  1. Get right to the source with the farming tab

You don’t need to look what farming location makes you more gold because wow tycoon addon can do that for you. Farm any item, knowing which of them have less competition and higher demand. You get the routes, the current average price, the estimated number of items you may collect per hour, the current average competition and the auction house trends based on the previous scanned activity. Last but not least, it displays the estimated gold you can make per hour making it easy for you to develop the right method to increase your gold gain each day.


  1. Get the most of your professions with the crafting tab

Tycoon is smart, it tells you what is best to craft at a given time and you can create shopping lists to gather the needed materials, if it is cheaper to buy raw materials it will replace them for the processed ones, it catches on the professions of you current character and you can use the other modules to help you on the way if you decide to get those mats and because you already know how to use the auction house, tycoon will make you power up your professions to become a master trader and get the most out of them, generating more wow money with ease.

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Important note: Tycoon gold addon is not a bot, not a cheat and is compliant with the blizzard terms of use as any other add-on, so if you expect to get thousands of gold by pushing a button don’t buy it don’t even read more because it is not for you.


Wow tycoon addon like the best addons

Combining  advanced properties WoW Tycoon addon analyzes the scanned data from auctionner or auctionator add-ons, these gives you fresh data from the server to be processed by Tycoon addon to provide you with the most valuable and fresh information, helping you make decisions on buying, biding, selling and trading items for profit; actually doing the hard work for you getting the best results, counting on the current server economy and the constantly changing prices of the market.